(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Dove Virtual Academy (DVA) is authorized by the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board and Fully-Accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.
Dove Virtual Academy is a fully accredited, free Online Oklahoma Charter School offering students in grades 6-10 the flexibility to learn from anywhere 24/7 with a high-quality curriculum.
DVA is a free, public, online charter school currently offering services to students in grades 6-10. We will then add a grade level each year to reach full capacity in 2 years(6th – 12th Grade).
All students in the state of Oklahoma are in the proposed grade bands. Applicants must be Oklahoma residents and provide proof of residency to enroll in Dove Virtual Academy. (DVA) will accept students through a random lottery process that does not discriminate against any student.
Dove Virtual Academy (DVA) is a FREE public online charter school.
Yes. We are a public charter school in Oklahoma. Students can earn a diploma through authorization by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, based upon successful completion and mastery of course content. 
A charter school is an accredited school that operates as a local education agency, separate from the local district for the purposes of reporting and accountability. “A virtual charter school shall be subject to the same reporting requirements, financial audits, audit procedures, and audit requirements as a school district.”
Yes, Dove Virtual Academy is a 100% virtual public charter school that is operated completely online. This allows our students to have flexible schedules and study at their own pace.
If you have decided to withdraw your student from Dove Virtual Academy.
  1. Please use the withdrawal form for the most efficient process.
  2. Please call the office at 405-216-3539
  3. Send an email to [email protected]
  4. Return all electronic devices (Chromebook, hotspot, calculator, etc.)
Please don't forget to make arrangements to return all Dove Virtual Academy devices such as Chromebook, hotspots, calculators, etc.
You can access our board-approved school calendar from this link or under the “Families” heading at the top of the home page.
No, you don't have to pay. Dove Virtual Academy is a 100% free public charter school that is funded by the state department just like all other public schools. You will not have to pay any tuition for your child to attend Dove Virtual Academy.
Enrollment is open unless decided otherwise.
Yes, as long as the student stays on track with the state’s mandatory curriculum for graduation. Some courses may require prerequisites, and therefore may not be available for enrollment. If you are unsure, please contact an academic counselor via [email protected]
Please fill out and submit the online withdrawal form and send an email to [email protected]. We will send you a paid FedEx shipping label so you can mail it back to us for free. 


Computer Science Focus

To help prepare students for 21st-century career opportunities and lifelong learning, technology instruction is a key part of the program.


Flexible Pacing

We empower students to own their education through self-pacing, but we provide a strong support system as a safety net.

  • Our mastery learning system enables students to work on the skills that best fit their individual needs.
  • Students get instant feedback on practice and have access to instructional tools on their own schedule if they get stuck.
  • Teachers, parents, and administrators can track student progress making differentiation a cinch.


Emotional Well-being


We help students develop self-awareness, self-control, healthy relationships, and interpersonal skills vital for success in school, work, and life. We also educate students on becoming responsible digital citizens.

Service Learning / Character

Implementing newly acquired knowledge and skills in real-world settings empowers students to bring positive change to their communities in Oklahoma and beyond.


Individualized Learning

Lower student-to-teacher ratios allow more time for in-depth, hands-on projects and learning tailored to students' specific needs and interests.


World-class content: Our learning platform offers comprehensive, standards-aligned practice and instructional content in 6-12 Courses. In addition, teachers can choose from over 100,000 standards-aligned practice questions

Mastery learning system: Research-based mastery learning system that rigorously assesses and records student progress and provides just-in-time learning scaffolds
Analytics for school and district administrators: Our platform allows access to data about usage and performance that can empower administrators to make decisions around district-wide student achievement

Automatic rostering: Rostering integration with Infinite Campus automatically creates stable, secure accounts for all teachers and students, saving time for educators and ensuring that student progress can be reliably measured and reported.

Flexibility: Our platform allows for online/virtual learning because students can access our learning platforms on their smartphones, Chromebooks, computers, or tablets.