OITS Applications Now Available

Oklahoma Information and Technology School (OITS) is the only virtual middle and high school in Oklahoma that has a specific focus on computer science.

OITS is a free online public charter school for Oklahoma students in sixth through tenth grade. The curriculum emphasizes computer science education – with courses including engineering design and presentation, engineering design and problem-solving, and coding, among others. Students receive an individualized academic plan that supports a dynamic, character-based education, with flexible pacing.

OITS offers a safe, healthy option for students seeking Dove Schools’ well-known curriculum, which focuses attention on math, science, engineering and computer technologies.

Authorized by the Oklahoma Virtual Charter School Board, careful attention has been given to curriculum content, computer science emphasis, and teaching methods and delivery. Principal Silap Berdiyev explained that OITS provides a unique benefit to Oklahoma students.

“Our program is aimed to gain a strong foundation in coding skills,” said Berdiyev. “Coding skills give a new perspective to problem-solving, and coding and programming careers have great earning potential. We are investing in our students’ future early.”

Applications for OITS are now open for the 2022-2023 school year and available at https://www.oitsok.org/